Monday, February 23, 2009

stefaan quix & els van riel

last week in the studio:
stefaan quix and els van riel,
working on a sound & image
project, resulting in a 81
minutes hd movie, next year.

they used their studio time to
study possibilities of multiplying
pre-recorded alt violin sounds
and combining it with experimental
tv-noise images of els van riel.

listen to an excerpt: de audiofile heet "do undo deel 13", auteurs zijn Julia Eckhardt, Ludo Engels en Stefaan Quix.


Saturday, February 14, 2009

lu & xen bach

Dr. L. Simonis and His Majesty Jieem X, posing for their new album at the WORM studio: 'a guide to the music of the 21th century'. name of the band: perfect vacuum. some of the outstanding synthesizer arrangements on this neo-folk progrock record were recorded in the worm studio.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

studio productions

WORMstudio creates Radio Programmes; Radio Documentaries; RadioPlays ( a series titled Horspil ); RadioWORM - a monthly audio magazine ( RadioWORM can be found on )

Several productions are in co-production with
VPRO / Radio 6 / Cafe Sonore ( )

Below a list of our recent productions:

WORM T Schippers : 4 hours of spectaculair nonsense - Produced, edited, compiled by Hajo Doorn and Henk Bakker :
Magnetband Untergrund: Spannung, Leistung, Widerstand: Part One of a Radiodocumentary on DDR musicscenes of the late 70's and early 80's: 3 hours of great music, interviews and observations. Produced, edited, compiled by Hajo Doorn and Henk Bakker:

DDR Revisited : Part 2 of a Radiodocumentary on DDR
Tape Music : CLICK!
Motors of Invention : A Radioshow on the self named festival at WORM in 2007 dealing with selfmade machines and ... music : CLICK!

The Horspil Series:

Blatnova : Dr Naut- een audiostrip : CLICK!
Anne Laberge : Flock : CLICK!
Christopher Williams : The Hispaniola: CLICK!
Vernon&Burns : The Eldritch Transmissions - A Study in Radiophrenia : CLICK!
Didi de Paris/Lukas Simonis : Wa Da De Minse Klappe Gelak As d'Onne Basse : CLICK!
Holy Mountain : Bruiloftslied : CLICK!
Jeroen Visser : Alles met mate, en zelfs dat : CLICK!
Robert van Heumen : No Man's Land : CLICK!
Coolhaven : De triple hond qua vectoren gebruik : CLICK!
Henk Bakker (Aka the Melkertman) : Ghosts : CLICK!