Saturday, November 13, 2010

Stu in the WORMStudio

Stu came to work a couple off days again, and made several highly likable and instructive movies, and left us with 2 very nice tracks, still in developping stage, but nonetheless, check out the ems putney track, awesome sounds!
He's working together with a collegue, Eliad.

CHeck it!!!

TRACK: Serge and MS 20

TRACK: Putney and fx



CLIP: MS20 & Publison


CLIP: ARP 2500 & Serge


CLIP: putney_reverb_publison_lexicon


CLIP: putney_reverb_publison_lexicon


CLIP: putney_reverb_publison_lexicon


Monday, November 8, 2010

The Home Swinger DIY Workshop door Yuri Landman

The Homeswinger is a twelve string electric instrument with a changing sounds from poignant clock or bell-like sounds by means of an additional movable bridge. The technique is based on the work of Glenn Branca and Sonic Youth's dissonant screwdriver guitar preparations and the theory of Harry Partch who incorporated it in his Kitara instruments.
Landman developed a special tone color scheme that clearly show the theory behind the practice of his predecessors.

The result of the workshop by Yuri Landman will be presented at WORM. The workshop members have composed pieces that they will carry out on their self-built instruments.

And here are the picts to proof it:

Martians go home

We were glad to host this interesting collective from Brussels, who will with the material generated at the studio produce a radioplay for our ongoing Horspil series.


Basshaters 2nd visit

Always good for some interesting sounds and working processes in the studio, the basshaters at it again....



Here's Huib Emmer, doing a final mastering thru the mixing desk of his new and shortly to be released album (on z6 records).

Friday, November 5, 2010

Students Visits

Here are some picts of a group of students from the Piet Zwart Academy, who we hope to see again in one of our light courses, or mikro workshops on electronik music, which we plan to organise in the coming year.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Colin Black

Soundartist and composer from Australia, Colin Black, worked in the studio for a week, creating a long piece, multitonal, mikrotonal and extremely layered, mainly working with the ARP 2600. Its a piece resembling the musical effects of short wave radio interference.
Listen to a different piece he made for the studio archives: