Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Stig Noise in Worm Studio

A little film they made themselves about Stig Noise in the Worm Studio. This is the comment Jake send me after his visit;
"...aahhh man, it was great, and we made alot of good music,(...). we recorded our live band using a lot of the amazing mics you had available, and worked like that the first couple of nights so not to disturb people in the building too much, and then overdubbed a lot of basically amazing sounds using some of the amazing equipment you have there. thanks so so much (...)...
We 90% recorded the basis for our next split release, 3 full tracks and a bunch of bits  thats coming out in September when we have a hefty tour of europe, greece, romania and serbia for 6 weeks.
We spent a couple of nights laying down the live elements of our music, 2 drumkits and bass and violins were overdubbed. then we got to mess around alot with some of the synths instead of our usual casiotone melodies, the finished mixs will be a mixture of both plus a whole bunch of soundscapes.... what a beautiful place! ..."

the stig noise set-up in the worm studio

Stig Noise in worm

Jelena Glazova in WORM Studio

Jelena Glazova worked in the sound studio last month. Material she worked on will follow. The photo is from her performance in Studio Loos, Den haag (Jelena in the middle). More info about Jelena HERE