Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Jade Boyd

Working this week to get some samples and soundscapes maybe to be used in the WORM feature film CTRL_ALT_ESCAPE, Jade is having a go at the ARP 2600 and 2500 and the EMS.


one mondaymorning in the studio

its crowded on a monday morning, one coming- jason working a full week here, one going- Jade Boyd and one bemused spectator- DIY Porn arduino workshopman.


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Jason Urick

Focussing on the 2600 and EMS this week's guest, jason urick, will take a lot of material home to create some new tracks. We'll see. He's performing the 8th at o301 in 020.


After summer hollidays

the first person to come in and go crazy over our machines this early fall is evan dorian, drummer in a.o. Spartak, an australian free punk jazz enterprize by the looks of things, originally meant to come over both, but due to financial stuff couldnt.

evan worked on the arp 2500 and serge, and left a few tracks, wich will be published here shortly.