Monday, May 23, 2011

A Modular Synth Suitcase 2

Floris van Hoof, a regular guest at our fascilities, and a wizzard at the serge, came by and showed us his modular suitcase. This ought to be a bigger trend!

Distant Drummers in the Studio

The past week the studio was packed with people and gear: Dutch group Distant Drummers rehearsed and recorded a whole week long. Some tracks will be on display here soon. Have a look at the preview movie.


14-05-11 De Waard/Jaspers Workshop

 'if you don't have a good idea, you will never create a good composition', 'do more with less' and 'economy rules

Frans de Waard en Wouter Jaspers gave a workshop with these thoughts in mind. Do less with more was a conceptual workshop and covered important issues such as do you work with a score, or improvise, wich choises do you make and why.