Monday, August 24, 2009

Phoebe Jeebe & Jonathan Bailey Cooke in Studio

Jonathan & Phoebe are working on a radioplay for WORM. They just started this morning so the only thing we have from them so far is this image where they are profoundly staring at the mixing desk.

Tom Hall in Studio

Tom Hall was working in the WORM studio last week. here's one of the pieces he made for WORM. More about Tom HERE.

tom hall 2.mp3

We made a little video of Tom at work in the studio but it mysteriously dissappeared from our HD. So we stole a picture of his website from a series of photo's called 'likeminds'. We're not sure it's Tom posing here but it really looks like him.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Michael Morley, Sarah Stephenson & Nina Canal

(photo by R.E. Greentree)

In the second week of august Michael Morley (the Dead C), Sarah Stephenson & Nina Canal (ex-UT) used the WORM studio to work on several things, one being a conceptual Cornelius Cardew Piece 'The Tiger's Mind' and they also got to record a lot of other new material.
'The Tiger's Mind' was originally played with a fourth member, Nadia Lichtig, in Paris for a Cornelius Cardew festival

It's an interesting piece, so i asked them for some more information about it.

Christoph Kurzmann im WORMstudio

Christoph Kurzmann ('citizen of the world' -living in Berlin, Vienna & Buenos Aires, musician, organiser, founder of the charhizma label) visited the WORM studio in the first week of august to work on some new stuff and also to make preparations for a by WORM curated radioplay about the Financial Crisis he is gonna finish in Argentina next month. And here he is, relaxed behind the mixing desk, the Enigmatic & Prolific Mister K.!

Kurzmann Boersenkrach.mp3