Thursday, May 31, 2012

'The tactile noise instrument' by Andre Castro

Last week we organised the 'Built your own tactile noise instrument' under surveillance of Andre Castro.
It was a great workshop!  Aimed at people that are beginners in the field of circuit bending/the building of noise machines.
Here is our man Merijn making noise with a paper.
For sure we want to do this workshop again, maybe after the summer...

Thursday, May 24, 2012

A Message from Joe

hi henk,

thought i'd send you the link for the music i was making during my last visit to the WORM studio (in march of this year) for the blog -




Monday, May 21, 2012

Truus de Groot was in our studio. 

We invited her to make a radioplay for our Hörspìl-series. It will be broadcasted by VPRO Radio 6 , Cafe Sonore and will be our next contribution to the Radia network-series. (end of june/beginning of july).

Here's allready the stuff she wrote about what she did & credits & etc.

name of the radioplay/ radiophonic/ Autobiographic opera/ musical;  

Truus Makes Waves

By Truus de Groot


Johnny Dowd    - presenter

Solex (aka  Elisabeth Esselink) - Instrumentation  on "NY NY"

Kathy Ziegler - Bontempi Organ on "Toilet Dame"

Written by Truus de Groot (aka Geertruda De Groot Hrnjak) 2012

An autobiographical opera  by Truus de Groot about her earliest years in the US.  Dealing with the isolation and loneliness through  her ongoing often humorous audio observations that she has collected over the years.

The piece starts out with Truus reading form her Diary in 1980, shortly before her departure to the US.  Just minor observations of a 20 year old, nothing special yet a moment in time.  Not really a clue she would be going to the US mere months later, never to call the Netherlands her home again.  

It was an adventure looking back  for her, but at that time these were just impulsive decisions.  Never thinking twice, why am I doing this?  Is there future here??  What will I do?   Her first stop was a connection she made on a whim in Eindhoven, David Linton, who lived in Tribeca, NY.   His roommate was Lee Renaldo, who was at that time painting.     From there her US journey began.

In her isolation she could see the absurd humor of a culture that was so new to her.     The many hours spent just looking at people, their silly habits, crazy public fights, moody encounters, make this opera a time capsule of sorts.   It also conveys her frustrations of being harassed endlessly by the prying eyes of males that feasted their eyes on a beautiful yet naive young immigrant. 

However bothersome that might have been, Truus always translated it into humorous  musical reflections.    It is not dark yet perhaps a bit cynical, but full of irony.   

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Benjolin Workshop

On sunday may 13th, Joker Nies and Rob Hordijk gave their 'How To Built A Benjolin' workshop at WORM. Here are a few photo's i took with my shitty phone-camera.  Joker promised to send me some better ones he took with his 'real' camera. Bottomline; great workshop again, 10 people attending, 10 people happy.

Last few photo's by Joker Nies

Saturday, May 5, 2012


WORMshop Ableton Live

(NL) In de afgelopen maand (april) heeft in WORM voor de eerste keer de Ableton Live Workshop plaats gevonden. Op 4 zaterdagen hebben 5 deelnemers bij Radboud Mens een cursus gevolgd waarin ze alle basis principes hebben geleerd zodat ze nu autonoom met het programma kunnen werken. Daarnaast werd de leerstof toegespitst op waar de cursisten Ableton in de toekomst voor willen gaan gebruiken.

En verder nog goed nieuws! We hebben gesproken met Ableton die ons benaderde naar aanleiding van de eerste ronde; we krijgen een aantal licenties zodat voor de volgende rondes deelnemers niet meer zelf Ableton Live hoeven aan te schaffen om mee te kunnen doen aan deze workshops maar bij WORM gewoon achter een computer kunnen gaan zitten. En wat nog meer zij: WORM wordt in de nabije toekomst een gecertificeerd Ableton Live instituut!

Worm Shop Ableton Live

(English) In the last month (April), WORM the Ableton Live Workshop took place for the first time. On  4 consecutive Saturdays 5 participants did a course with Radboud Mens and learned all the basics so they can now work independently with the program. In addition, the curriculum focused on the subjects/directions the students wanted to use Abelteon Live for in the future .

And more good news! We talked with Ableton who approached us following the first round, and we will get a number of licenses so that for the next rounds participants no longer have
to buy Ableton Live to be able to participate in these workshop. And so forth: WORM will be a certified Ableton Live institute in the near future.

(Radboud Mens)

Besides this we will also continue to support freeware like Pure Data. Every first saturday of the month we will have an informal PD meeting at the WORM cafe,  and every now and then we are organising workshops with katja Vetter.
More about the PD Meeting (called 'LOADBANG'):

LoadbangRotterdam meetings are set up to share experiences, info, tips and tricks of dsp programming. We do Pure Data, MaxMsp, SuperCollider. Hosted in the inspiring ambience of WORM, Institute for Avantgardistic Recreation. Bring your laptop. We provide: electricity, sound, beam, wifi, tables&chairs, coffee&tea.
A recurring topic in LoadbangRotterdam is user interface: how do we get our hands on the bytes and waves, particularly in live performance? All sorts of touch (screen, pad, skin) solutions have shown up. Most impressive was Menno's Silent Drum, modeled to Jaime Oliver's invention ( Have something special to show or share? LoadbangRotterdam is your platform.

Thursday, May 3, 2012


In may we do two instrument-building workshops; on the 13 of may we have an encore for the BENJOLIN Ws by Rob Hordijk and Joker Nies. SEE HERE

On the 26th of may we are going to built 'The tactile noise instrument' under surveillance of Andre Castro. SEE HERE

Reservations; the worm website  (or send an email to

Kim Fowley & Worm All-Stars Band

On the 19th of april The WORM ALL-STARS BAND backed up Kim Fowley. In this incarnation the band was; Peter Graute, Wim Ver A, Lukas Simonis on guitars, Florian Veenhuis on bass and Hajo Doorn on drums. We practised an hour or so in the afternoon with Kim and his Cane (and his dominatrix Snow Mercy) and played quite a long set, only disturbed by the fire-alarm going off (at the end of the song 'My pussy’s on fire!').
Peter Bruyn did a nice interview on that occasion and there's also some stuff about the music. SEE HERE . (it's in dutch).

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Roel Meelkop en Mecha Orga in studio

Mecha Orga aka. Yiorgis Sakellariou and our friend and neighbour Roel Meelkop did a residency in the worm studio last week (april 23th - 28th). They constructed a piece made out of field recordings, and the synths from the studio and performed it on the 27th on our Implausible music show (see other blog entry).
 Roel in the field. Recording.

RADIO RADIO with Truus De Groot, The Tobacconists en Daniela de Paulis

A live event organised by the WORM STUDIO@WORM, april 5th...

The event was broadcasted as live streaming audio, and will, in an edited form be broadcasted again on Radio 6,  VPRO's cafe Sonore. The two tape compositions that were played were by KAMAMA and The Future Sounds Of Folk.

text about the event; (in dutch, sorry)
WormRadio/radioWORM is afkomstig van het live-gebeuren en de eeuwigdurende zoektocht naar een podium voor onalledaagsheid. Zowel op radiofonisch/geluids gebied als op documentair/menselijk gebied. In het kort gezegd; eind jaren 90 inspireerde de electronische revolutie in de rock & experimentele muziek ons tot de gedachte dat het live optreden eigenlijk net zo goed als radio gebracht kon worden (omdat het 'performance'element ten enemale ontbrak), tegenwoordig inspireert de 'content is overal'-revolutie ons tot de gedachte dat we juist moeten inzetten op een 'schaarste' revival. Als de podcasten en streaming content voor het oprapen ligt is het misschien zaak van de radio weer een 'hot medium' te maken bijvoorbeeld door middel van onherhaalbaarheid zoals ons RADIO RADIO evenement van vanavond. Hoewel het geheel ook live gestreamed wordt en dus eigenlijk als 'radio' uitzending (met beeld`) over de gehele wereld te volgen is.
Ons programma bestaat uit interviews met alle betrokken, twee Tape Composities die in opdracht van WORM zijn gemaakt, een live-hoorspel, een Radio Performance en tot besluit een muziekoptreden.


Instrument builder / musician Yuri Landman and WORM recording studio have partnered.
prototypes of Yuri's instruments will come to the WORM studio to be freely used by anyone. So except for the very special vintage synth collection that we had now an unprecedented accumulation in strings. At the moment;  the Home Swinger, the Empire State Rocker,  DrumGuitar/ Caterpillarguitar and last but not least the Landman Kalimba. More soon! Yuri also continues to contribute to our Residency program and he will give an instrument-building workshop in june. see HERE.


We missed a lot of stuff happening since december on this blog so now i'm gonna do a big post with as much as i can find... First of all, in december we had the Future Sound of Folk with Bambu Wukir, One Man Nation and Jimbot. (we've got a track of their music but have to decide yet where to put that -the same goes for all the other stuff i will mention here)

Next guests were Audrey Chen (here with one of our younger employees) and  Luca Marini, aka KAMAMA. They made some great tracks (mainly using percussion/electronics with cello/voice electronics)... one of them was played at our RADIO RADIO show in worm, in april.

Then (we are still talking december 2011) we had Kevin Blechdom and Blevin Blectum working on their new album for a week. No update from their side yet.
In january we dusted off our old 'WORM ALL-STARS BAND' (see here) to play a bit of old punk music together with the legendary Henk Vis (photo) and Jos Ex on a two-days 'festival' @WORM. And by the way; we were turned in to the WORM NO-STARS BAND for the occasion.

In february/march Noriko Tujiko worked for a week on some new material and she was the first one to use our new Yuri Landman - instruments. On the photo she is being instructed by the master himself.
At the same time Joe Howe was working in the small studio, checking out our moveable old synths...

Next thing was a recording Session with Fred Lomberg Holm,  Goncalo Almeida and Wilbert de Joode. (still march)