Friday, January 23, 2009


Listen here (or download) some mp3 ringtones made in this studio.

putneykorg1 (download!)
putneykorg2 (download!)
putneykorg3 (download!)
ringtoneARP1 (download!)
ringtoneARP2 (download!)
ringtoneARP3 (download!)
ringtoneARP4 (download!)
ringtoneARP5 (download!)
ringtoneARP6 (download!)
ringtoneARP7 (download!)
ringtoneARP8 (download!)
ringtoneARP9 (download!)
ringtoneARP9a (download!)
ringtoneARP10 (download!)
ringtoneARP11 (download!)
ringtoneARP12 (download!)
ringtoneARP13 (download!)
ringtoneARP14 1 (download!)


jenny5xo said...

these are annoying as fuck. i downloaded ringtone ARP2 though :)

henk said...

good. spread the word. ringtones that really bug everyone. should we do corrs tunes? or do more noisy stuff.