Thursday, March 17, 2011

A Modular Synth Suitecase

This synth was made by greg zifcak (
Greg is on our wishlist for a studioresidency and workshop for a while now. we keep at it.

Right Side:

PAiA 9700 MIDI-to-CV Converter
PAiA 9710 Triple VCA w/ Looping ADSR
PAiA 9720 Dual VCO w/ Looping AD/R (2)
PAiA 9730 Dual VCF w/ Looping AD/R
Unity Gain 4 Channel Mixer w/ Inverted Output (3)
Output Interface

Left Side:

10 Step Sequencer w/ CV, Gate (legato), Gate (staccato), and Individual Step Outputs
Clock Divide by 2 - 10 (2)
Oscillator w/ Square, Triangle, and Auxiliary Divide by 3, 4, or 6 Outputs
Hex Squarewave Noise Source
Craig Anderton Super Tone Control Multimode Filter
4-Quadrant Multiplier (4)
Gain x2 Amplifier (4)
SSM2040 VC Lowpass/Allpass Filter (2)
Thomas Henry 8038 Audio Generator Linear VCO
AD/R Envelope Generator (2)
Buchla 230 Envelope Follower
Inverting Attenuator with Mix outputs (5)
Yusynth-based Sample/Hold
N/AND Gate
Voltage Source
Modified Realistic Reverb Analog Delay w/ Voltage Controlled Delay Time

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